Lyrics to Blunt And Frank
Blunt And Frank Video:
Mr. Blunt and Mr. Frank
Were standin' in the halls of their 7 figure bank
Wonderin' what in the world
They were gonna do for you

I can take the brunt
If you can take the flank
Explained Mr. Blunt to timid Mr. Frank
Wonderin' what in the world
They were gonna do for you

We been stealin' this money most every day
And ain't nobody caught us in any way
But something's tellin' me
Now our goose is cooked
We been raisin' our prices
On the kiddies ices
And the bedroom suites on the corner store
Don't you think that they could go up some more?

Then with everybody jivin'
About how to be survivin'
We could bring 'em back down again
And it's gone full circle
While the world bank wins again

Revolution no solution
To the government's illusion
That the people are amusin'
With the prices that we're usin'
And I think that they're abusing
Everything that we try to do
Defamation to the nation
That is drowning in inflation
Immigration, isolation is a useless tabulation
To the calculation that the world
Is gonna want to come to you
So people in distress gonna worry nonetheless
'Bout the monetary mess from an educated guess, never really blessed
I think we must confess it now

So people jump and shout,
Everything is out
And I've said what I have to say
Everybody sit back
While I get ready to play
Where you gonna go
When the people gonna know
That they're ripping us off again
Right back down
To the same old hole we been in
Bet your bottom dollar
That you're really gonna holler
When your friends turn you down again
Not a thin dime
To keep in you in your time of men
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