Lyrics to Blues Town
Blues Town Video:
Well, I ain?t seen much, just this old diveI?m off to work in the morning, back home at fiveI?m earning just enough to keep a man aliveBut I?m saving my money, gonna buy me a carI?m gonna drive out of here just like shining starI?m gonna find you baby, wherever you are(CHORUS)I?m going to blues townBaby won?t you follow me down?Going to blues townHoney can?t you hear that sound??Cause I really know my wayI really know my way aroundI used to have me a girl but she did not stayIt was a lonesome train what took her awayI still love that woman even more todayWell, she held me close up on the roof at nightWishing on a star and squeezing tightI might have lost my heart but I?ll never lose sight(repeat chorus)My love?s a Cadillac I cannot hideI?m gonna drive my baby across the great divideMan I won?t look back because I?m ready to ride!

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