Bluegrass Fiddler Of London Lyrics

David Rovics

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Lyrics to Bluegrass Fiddler Of London
Bluegrass Fiddler Of London Video:
Well I was walkin' around feelin' lost Wonderin' what to do Tourists everywhere With no time to spare I was feelin' lonesome and blue I looked around in the paper For the sights to see It seemed a little absurd I thought, oh my word I'm goin' to a jamboree (chorus) She's the bluegrass fiddler of London Up north in Kentish Town For the music that's so fine Head on up to the Vine For a taste of that old-time sound Now I got nothin' against the punk rockers The hot-town women with the belly-button rings But when I just got to let loose I hop on the caboose To listen to them old fiddle strings (chorus) Soon I'll head back to Massachusetts Though I'll be sorry to part Now I loved that beans and toast But what I'll remember most Was how that fiddle warmed my lonely heart (chorus)

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