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Blue Sky Of MineShe came to me from outer space,an angel with an angels face,she came to see how this world would beEven though I've seen her smile,her eyes have been sad for quite a while,her lips won't speak,her secret she will keepShe came to me without a name,an angel with an angels game,she came to be like a dream to meShe would never say a word,she sang her song just like a bird,her eyes could tell things we could not spellAngel: I have seen a better place to beI've seen a brighter light to seeI've seen the world that's meant to beI've heard an endless harmonyCause I have been somewherein that blue sky of mineI could read it in her face,she'd like to find a better placewhere she belongsShe's weak but there she's strongAnd one day I know that she will leave,one day I know she'll disappear from me,one day she will be freeAngel: I will find a better place to beI'll see a brighter light to seeI'll see the world that's meant to beI'll hear an endless harmonyCause I will be somewherein that blue sky of mineWe will find a better place to be...

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