Blue Ice Castle (English Translation) Lyrics

Hatsune Miku

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Lyrics to Blue Ice Castle (English Translation)
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The right hand that grabs
Is the color of ice
The pledge on the left ringer finger freezes

The left neck is red
"It's going to flow"

The heart you eat
Steams and melts
Love and hate separates

You said
"Even after deafeat"

I was allowed to break the song
(So he thinks)

The body falls down the middle of the stairs
After it's broken
It sounded like broken glass

The ailment that exists
Gets harder to detect

The world turned upside down
And fell to the sky


And he saw
"The girl with eyes the color of the sea"

Go ahead and look to the sky
It's already cold
As white ice

"Already been around the world"


"Already became a queen"

The girl's sea eyes watered and said
"It's being made"

My heart freezes the queen
Who wears an icy dress
And a pledge on her finger

"I'll cut it!"

The cut on the left arm is where is grows

Hyacinth of ice
(Purple flowers)
Whose petals fall and scatter

The girl smiled back with a broken look
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