Lyrics to Blue Funk
Blue Funk Video:
It's silent far
I see the stars
I know I'm in my place
Blue funk

What's inside
I'll try to hide
And keep it off my face
It's done

An inner plan
Has every man
And living up to it
Blue funk

Falling out
Making doubts
The time for thinking's up
It's done

Behind the bolt
Flame and spark
We're coming from the dark,
Blue funk

All the weight
We cut loose
It had us in a noose
It's done

Eyes of cloud
It's getting loud
I'm running through a field
Blue funk

Crossing lines
And turning signs
We're moving like a wheel
It's done

Oh, I know
It's go

Within me
Mass disorder
But my actions flow with order
Blue funk

Is kept at bay
It will not interrupt
It's done

Run into
What can't be seen
You must believe in me
Blue funk

If all's confused
And they corrupt
I'll know which way is up
It's done
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