Blowing This Candle Out Lyrics

Jane Taylor

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Lyrics to Blowing This Candle Out
Blowing This Candle Out Video:
Heard your name about a week ago
Seems you're getting it together so
You're doing fine
And I'm in a mess
Looking over all the things I do
Everything comes back to you
You're doing fine
And I'm still in bed

What I did what I didn't do
What I should have done
Well it's still about you now
And I am not the weakest thread
I'm not scared of what I have left now

But where was my head?
Going insane
And where has it got me
To vow that I'd
Carry on holding your flame?
And you were my life
And what's that all about?
It's time I was blowing this candle out
Blowing this candle out

Saw you from my windowsill
Floating past on your pedestal
You're looking fine
I need to get dressed
And I don't trust my heart anymore
No idea what I'm looking for
You're doing fine
I'm really not that sure
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