Blossom In The Dust Lyrics

Mallary Hope

Love Lives On

Lyrics to Blossom In The Dust
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There's a single-wide trailer past the railroad tracks
Old car in the front, weeds in the back
Mama had there when she was sixteen years old
Took one look at her and named her Rose

Fragile little Rose had to grow up fast
Between the habit and the job that her mama had
I've never seen a situation half that bad

She's a blossom in the dust
all her colors covered up
Give a rose a little rain
Lots of sun and all your love
And watch her blossom in the dust

We rescued that child in the nick of time
Found a real nice couple 'cross the county line
who'd been trying to have a little girl of their own
and would give anything to give little Rose a home

That mama-to-be took one look at her
in her tattered flowered dress and her tangled curls
She said that's not just any girl


Oh, sometimes the only way to overcome a circumstance
is someone giving someone else a fighting chance

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