Lyrics to Bloomington
Bloomington Video:
She drove a blue car around Bloomington
She was a thin girl, but she had substance
She said that most girls who come to Bloomington
Only come here to find husbands
And the existence of God was confirmed
By the way she unfolded herself alongside
And I tried to harden my heart
But she wouldn't let me
she wouldn't let me

Oh, Bloomington, Bloomington
When the rest of the world is over and done
You'll still be the only one I'll ever love Bloomington

In a park that doubled as a parking lot
There was music, it was free
The girl in pink took a sip of my drink
And laid down next to me
The way she unfolded herself
Was an earthquake, a hurricane tidal wave flood
This is love baby, this is love
The moment she let me, the moment she let me
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