Lyrics to Bloodshot Room
Bloodshot Room Video:
What should I do with this rose I got for you?
Once intense colors and smells now fade away
I didn't even leave my bed today.
Surrender me in misery
Exhausting thoughts enveloping
Mirror, mirror on the wall you muddle, mislead

No solace in this quiet moment
Thoughts on fire run deep
Toss and turn, I feel the burn, if I could sleep. . .

With eyes open in my bloodshot room
I rise up in the dark, pace around, lie back down,
I realize how far you are.

Rewind in my head replay slow motion every word I said
Rewind in my head replay slow motion every word you said
I wish that we flowed, I wish that we growed
I wish that I was holding you as my very own
Seems I remember things, things that I regret seem to follow me
When I'm trying to sleep.

My little lilac flower
Your scent it draws me near
Delicate and beautiful I can taste you in my tears.

I need sweet sleep
I though this was so perfect, like it could last forever.
But the best thing that I ever had, just wasn't good enough
So I'm moving on.
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