Lyrics to Bloodpact
Bloodpact Video:
It's been three weeks today since they went and ran away, not leaving things behind they were the things they had to find anyway

And the wires kept running, and the buildings kept on growing, and the sky it disappeared into the pocket of your ignorant ways

If I had left with you, would I have rapidly returned in a day or two?

Or would you still be here,

Na na na na

Well I've been thinking of these thoughts lying in my head and I've been contemplating whether I should follow you instead of sitting here and wasting time, watching buildings burn and making memories rhyme.

If I was to leave tomorrow and join you on your quest for everything,

Would that be alright with you or would you turn your head and wave.

If I could change everything, if I could turn back time and fix all my mistakes,

Would everything be better, or would it stay the same cause life's full of them anyway.

It's been three weeks today, since they went and ran away.

With no sign of their return there's nothing left to do but wait, even though, inside your mind there's nothing sure that you can find.
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