Lyrics to Blood Red Moon
Blood Red Moon Video:
The city's far too hectic
For a leveret the likes of you
I'm sorry, it's all I can do
To hold back heavy tears
I suggest you catch the next bus
Headed to Salamandastron ASAP

Oh, honest to God this
Was the last thing that I would wish for
I feel like a broken whistle
Thrown out with your grandma's kisses
You know I am full of love
But that is clearly not enough to keep you here with me

You see, the puddles black at night
Are always out of sight
Until you fall in them
(And you will fall in them)

Don't put your little paw on me
And look all sweetness in my eyes
There can't be any compromise
You know it's for the best
You need to leave here, right this moment
What did you say? You're enrolling in the army? No!

No, I don't believe my ears
Tell me you're playing on my fears
I won't see you shipped off to Iraq
To be shipped right back in a bodybag
Because some dumb kid throwing a fit
Decided it was time for him to show 'em what he knows

But, oh, what can you say?
He'll drink our cares away
Under a blood red moon

And so I guess this is goodbye
I can't seem to change your mind
So I will mourn for you
All of the others too
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