Blood Moon Of Naingoroth Lyrics


Risen From The Ancient Ruins

Lyrics to Blood Moon Of Naingoroth
Upon The Shadowy Black Wings Of The Night
Travel The Darkest Of Obscure Creations
Their Mouths Dripping With The Blood Of Mortals
They See Through Eyes As Black As The Endless Night Sky
Their Razor Sharp Claws Are As Scythes
That Tear Through Human Flesh
An Ancient Evil Beyond The Grasp Of Time
That Descends Upon The Land Scourging The Earth
And Consuming The Souls Of The Living
Screams Of The Dying Merge With The Howling Of Wolves
In The Night To The Full Northern Moon
As Hordes Of Batlike Forms Flit Through The Air
Sharing In Their Ecstasy
Through The Eyes Of The Dead The Moon Turns Crimson
As Torrents Of Blood Cascade The Lands
Saturating The Earth So Devoid Of Life
A Chalice Is Raised By Withered Hands
From The Soil Of The Blackened Lands
And It Is Drank In Full
In Honor Of The Darkest Times

[Lyrics: Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
[& Synvorlath, Lord Of The Ancient Moon]
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