Lyrics to Blood King
Blood King Video:
Thousand of bloody corpses flow in a river of blood,
it will drag them towards Hell.
They are quartered and martyrized by themselves.

Our bloody king incarnated in a ferocious slayer,
will all devour and vomit.
The immortal and immense beast, along its way, will bring only death and destruction.

Choosing perfidly his faithfuls, he will convert you from useless human to a member of his satanic army.

So a terrible convulsion and irreversible scald, will change your mind and your body, the suffering will torture you.

You will collaborate to quench our Bloody King.
You'll defeat and suppress the sacred and the secular.
Our Bloody king will dirt the bible with pure Christian blood.

The underworld will be your deadly weapon, you'll crush love and peace and you'll exchange your heart with a black shining stone
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