Lyrics to Block Party
Block Party Video:
(feat. Big Pun, Noreaga)

Yeah nigga, thug that shit to your mother fuckin crib you heard
Yeah! We tryin'to get this shit poppin' over here
Huh, block party all that shit man "block party"
Come over here nigga here
Were is happening here's were is poppin' at baby, djayin' that shit

My nigga Rich nice told me an said get god
You know the Kid Capri shit everybody is on
The N.O.R. hit the mic just like I perform, I be hyped up
New Balance kicks and hyped up
Why you niggaz still acting like y'all niggaz is tough
I got the one weed spot, that's' the Branson stuff
Other niggaz talk about it but you see me with such
And I'm thugged out catch me with the animal bunch
Get head in the wip smoke animal blunts
g's up hoes down nigga fuck them stuts, and I'll be flippin'
You get a nice chick I like a chicken
You don't believe me ask Bill Clinton
Track master do that shit that y'all niggaz wouldn't
And Kid Capri do that shit that you niggaz couldn't
And I smoke green from Cali, I'm wild at the rally
I'm ill like shack in the paint with the alley
My nigga Big Pun will sit on y'all cats
Ayo my nigga Kid Capri will shit on y'all tracks
And we ain't got no love for y'all tracks
We love big ass keys and y'all like little ass cracks

[Kid Capri]
I could rock a rhyme as quick as I could clock a knot
Y'all niggaz clockin' mine, cus I'm getting lots of shine
The Kid Capri could be the cat, that could change the face of rap
Let me hear you trace the map, the Bronx is were the stations at
The fake foes hangin' out with fake hoes
Y'all 'spose to be the one that keep it Jumping
Were you standing and frontin', the Black Italian
Y'all chick better keep the smiling, from here to Boys Island
mother fuck all the stylin'
Keep the hundred pallet or either sign that shit
Y'all niggaz pay attention on ever rhyme I wet
Is time legit to every time I get
Y'all fools is straight falling off as I climb the jet
The Kid Capri causing hating misery
Number one for a while son check the history
By the way all you talker pack what you got to say
cus you lacking every day, Pun make these rappers pay

[Big Punisher]
Ayo is your man from Puerto Rico
That slaughter people like raw perico
I'm for the people, five power not a total recall
Look out your people on a blood shoot baby blues
Look at my geezmo got shot and barely made it news
How many crews I gotta run through when it comes through
Getting raw I'm the predator, I'ma Hunt you
niggaz think is something sweet on the fuckin street
But I'll be there busting my heat, when there's nuttin' to eat
Fuck it I cheat cus that's the ghettos anthem
I know the devils laughing every time he hears somebody's metal clappin'
Ain't no napping in the city cus it never sleeps
Wake up like what happen when I bust a cap on your feather geez
I led at least a thousand caps, with a thousand raps
With how many acts, actually ever really come out of wax
Just a few I pull this track into best of view
And turn the rest of y'all corn niggaz into vege-tables
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