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No Longer

Lyrics to Blind Truth
Blind Truth Video:
Closed mind, critical view,
cutting down those different from you,
always quick to condemn,
putting each other down is now a trend,
find flaws, our pride's at stake,
yet it's hypocrisy to the stance we take.
Yet we say on thing, just to change the next,
sick of those double standards which have been set.
Afraid to see what I now see,
the truth may hurt but it won't hurt me.
Shoving off complacent view
so different from the path we choose.

Blind leading blind, sharing the path,
in the end we'll see who laugh,
the one to except or the one to condemn,
motives lost your hatred doesn't end.
Seeing no reason to give a chance,
your peers have put you in a hateful trance.

So many chances gone down the tubes,
for the blind hatret all you do is loose.
You won't gain my respect
unless you give me yours
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