Lyrics to Blind Fish
Blind Fish Video:
I'm a blind fish
Just a young one
Feel like startin' something new
Listening to my friends last night
A seashell telling me secret stories
about the underwater city
metropolis of the very deep
I'm ready and fit, in a flurry of fitness
No horizon will ever stop this
Seahorse will guide me to this place
On the way, I bump into my friend José
He tells me my scales are chipping off, brand new skin shining
I'm the blind fish
Roaming in deep seas
Hundred thousand friends
And some freaky enemies
Floating into town
Coral bar is open
Something really new
Something real extraordinary
I ask José will you ride with me?
Of course, he says, I'm the first degree fire cracker fish dog homie you see
I'm the leader that can't get lost, I'll show you around young one,
Follow me, come with me to the bottom of this artificial sea
So I glide and I slide, my innocence running
Surprise, I smash my face into a glass wall
My friend tells me to visualize us stuck in box big and tall
say José you're deep in delirium, oh no he replies
We're living in an aquarium
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