Lyrics to Bleed

5pm, we stepping out the door
To the kitchen, super slipping if it's raw
Dine til you shine or grind
Cause team hungry eat the beans up off the floor
The steam from the core, or steam from the kettle
Picking petals til it's three clovers, slip em in the door
Let the system stay persistent, couple inches from the shore
Water through my shoes, so we kick it at the porch
While the singers in the window with the drop down Porsche
But the only droptop is the bottom of my jaw
Stuck in between the mountain and the fountain
See the youth drown out the shouting with a verse and open county
Hungry for the bounty cause the money equals something
Sucker, fucker, motherfucker think he found me
Sun setting over county, but I'm 0-5, no type, from a place you've never been, so how you gon' profile?
Damn, city think I need a cosign
A pretty ?, ya boy sitting on a gold mine
So I'ma hope the next flight
Go forward 6 months, 2 week and 1 night
Cause at the end of the week
If the sun still shine and my mind stays mine for 7 nights, I'm sweet
Shit, so grab a fucking CD, hit track 3, uh, and let that motherfucker bleed, wassup
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