Lyrics to Blast Off
Blast Off Video:
Out on the highway flyin' by meHeadlights and tail lights are all i could seeDown at the junction another flies byThey come and go in the blink of an eyeDown at the stripyou see 'em waitin' in lineLay down the rubber let their motors unwindNo matter whether you can drive it that goodIf you ain't got it revvin' under the hoodChorusHey hey hot rodBurnin' up the back streets tearin' up townHey hey hot rodA hound for glory and the glory boundLit up and cruisin' on the good night tailA rockin' motivator and the radio wailsAhead of the heat movin' fast and coolThat mean machin is breakin' all the rulesRepeat ChorusOut on the hgihway flyin' by meThe blinding headlights are all i could seeThe killer curves are gonna drive me to farAnd i ain't even started up my carRepeat ChorusYou got the hottest set of wheels aroundA hound for glory and the glory bound

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