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Modern world men Blinded by technology Using the Lord's words For their own material needs Stealing the goods From the faithful ones Evangelists in suits Dominating their thoughts And souls thrown in blasphemy They don't know about the truth But they try to convince you [CHORUS] I wonder how God can resist Using his words like this Speaking the holy words But in a different way, in terror They teach'em not to be saved But leading them to an error, leaving'em unsafe Malignant force are speaking Through the false prophets They don't know that an evil spirit Can take a preacher's soul [LEAD] [LEAD] A fucking organization determined to rule the world Preparing those for their supreme evil one Ask for good help, now Before it's too late, you all After they steal your soul they even take your money away Trying to put all other religion down Like if them all was in vain Satan is draining their souls And they can't feel it They are all blind now 'Cos they left their true religion Each day their legion Is growing more and stronger Pretty soon there'll be No one left to survive Innocent people looking for guidance They don't know who they're messing with [CHORUS] I wonder how God can resist Using his words like this Taking the Bible to make a profit They can't escape from the blaspheming prophets

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