Blankin' On 'Em Lyrics

Yung Trill

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Lyrics to Blankin' On 'Em
Blankin' On 'Em Video:

Imma yung gangsta nigga and I neva let da beef ride
If derez a prollem you can find me on da eastside
Niggaz keep on talkin' Imma knock all dey teeth out
If itz up to pistol play Imma bring da heat out
I stay blankin' on 'em (Blankin' On 'Em) (Repeat 8x)

[Verse 1]

Aye wut da binuzz iz (ayeee)
You know where I reside
Dat E-A-S-T nigga, da eastside (EASTSIDE)
We got dem rugers we got dem choppaz don't make us pop da trunk (No-No)
If a hatuh wanna talk den boy I got dat pump (I got it)
I make sales wit da crack(ok)
Get tail in da 'Lac(ok)
Itz some pussy-niggaz talkin', I put a shell in dey back (ayeee)
Man Im rushin' at you hoez wit some, uh, ammunition
I snatch yo ass up and Oh damn you missin' (Ha Ha)
Fo' you niggaz think I'm playin' step yo puss-ass up
Imma trill-ass nigga I'll fuck ya ass up
I put da beam to yo back den I connect da dots
Puts some bullets all up in you from deez tec's and glocks
Man Im causin' total chaos runnin' up and down yo street
Man I'm blastin' at you hoez put yo mouf up on dis heat
Man I make yo brains come out da back of yo head wit dis nine
Leave yo body on da ground
Leave yo brains all behind


[Verse 2]

I gotta machete and a ruger
Man I leave you bleedin'
Dey call me Freddy Crouger bitch I kill you when you sleepin'
Indo yes I'm chiefin'
Hit you leave you leakin'
Gotta AK,45 yes I'm heated
I role wit a squad fulla killaz and assassins
Buck if you wanna nigga we ready fo' action
Ready to get da blastin' like cameras when dey flashin' (cheese)
I dig a hole dats da one I put yo ass in(oh)
Beef wit me is asinine
Gon head and ask me why
Come by blastin' 9's
Hit'em wit da fo-five
Leav'em wet no clothes dry
Burnin' out laughin' as I watch you fuckin' hoes die (ha ha)
Catch me blowin' on da piff
While she blowin' on my dick
Catch me puffin' on da piff
While she suckin' on my dick
Runnin' up on me nigga what da fuck you thinkin'
Don't ya know, Yung Trill yuh nigga I stay Blankin'


(Repeat 2x)

(Thanks to Yung Trill for these lyrics)
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