Lyrics to Blank Equation
Blank Equation Video:
Why (Dressing gown forms a path)
Play it down (As the (no') grounds on which to act)
You make it sound (Grinding out from soul frustrations)
Like you were joking around (I'm nowhere in this equation)
But your eyes sound different (I'm nowhere in this equation)
And your eyes can't lie (Just a callus to an empty sensation)
(A hill of beans is worth a shot)
(Won't you please break my heart')
(A hill of beans is all we got)
(Won't you please)
Let's (A brittle sound from deep inside)
Tear it down (The fragil beating of an empty shell)
It has no ground (A brittle sound from deep inside)
For being around (If you don't ask I won't deny)
And we'll all be better for it (Don't listen to me)
Yeah we'll all be fine (Don't listen to me)
(A brittle sound from deep inside)
(Please don't ask)
(I'm inside)
(Please believe, believe)
(Don't listen to me)
(Please believe)
(Won't you please)
(Won't you please)
(I'm inside)
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