Lyrics to Blank Code
Blank Code Video:
No retreat from these horrid screams
That nag my mind day and night
No escape from embers of hatred
Awake, I see no other way out

No chance for peaceful living
No hope for future plans
I wish not for tomorrow, to come with the dawn
Like coldness flooding my soul

Driving out my very existence
Sending me to better places
Holes, tunnels and pits of coal
Pulled further away from this life
Every minute is only another step closer...

Another nail hammered in my coffin
I can not mourn... no tears of regret flood from my eyes
For my only shame is to not have seen it sooner... this blank code

Smoke carving the walls with riddles
Charred flesh and screams of agony
It is my paradise long forgotten...
Of demons speaking in tongues

No lies drip from their hollow lips
No glory in their tales of despair...
Simple truth, like a text from a book
Like the aching I feel with every breath
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