Lyrics to Blackmissionfigs
Tryna get this, container of coffee (Ha!)
It's fuckin' difficult
Let me clear my, let me clear my, let me clear my (Throat)
R.A.P. Ferreira, and I will rap forever (Soul)
R.A.P. Ferreira, and I will rap forever (Oh)
R.A.P. Ferreira, and I will rap forever (Off top)
R.A.P. Ferreira, and I will rap forever

Never off a yoppy
Lost the office copy, they groove-hopping, my nig
We Ruby Yachting lollygogging, most exquisitely
Negotiating blood oaths in their hidden fees
They couldn't riddle me [T?]
I go a littlе bit deeper than the averagе emcee
And for this I receive, self-masterfully
On a good day, perhaps one could say
That was an ideal worth striving for
Nervous as meal service off the diving board
Or your ass on the chopping block
Trying to recall which homie talk a lot
I'm sure we've all been there, life never been fair
And every night ride like the Ren Fair
Eventually grew not to despise the time spent there
Flow sound like life-hacking, Ro get to bite-backing
Mogs hit that backbite, I open a can of this act right

Nexus, me and Rory out in Texas
Proceeding self like solar plexus
We came from Straton out to beckon
So what you reckon? Keep 'em guessing?
Particular covert insignias we're repping
Respect the temple when you step in
Scales settle down to Plymouth Rock but justice is a trap spot
Triple-beam, illin' with a ripple queen
Riffin' on the sciffle dream, in your skin like glycerine, Mr. Bean
This line is dumber than you
The whip is green, ruby dooby done paroling the boot
I place a piece in my shoe, might even lease 'em to you
But who's counting?
In a flat country, a hill it depicts itself as mountain
I occupy the space despite any revisionism or doubting
Not of the long suffering cast, I spent less time oo'in or ouchin'
Kept Blackness or religious tasks, you were consuming and flouncing
With an ounce or more of vanity
I expound a certain, Afri-canity