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Michelle Shocked

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Lyrics to Blackberry Blossom
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Can you tell me what happened to the blossom The blackberry blossom when summertime came The blackberry blossom, well the last time I saw one Was down in the bramble where I rambled in the spring The bramble was wild, I was torn by the briers My love, he wooed me as I lie there With a flower in my hair and my cheeks aflush It was a blackberry blossom from the blackberry bush When I picked a berry I didn't miss the blossom The blackberry blossom was white as the snow But the berry that it brings is sweeter than molasses And black as the wings of an Arkansas crow The Arkansas crow is a devil and a demon Known for his cackling and his screaming Driving away the swallow and the thrush From the blackberry blossom and the blackberry bush I was picking berries when that crow flew above me Carrying my lover's soul far away Now each spring I lay a blackberry blossom By a cold gravestone on the Arkansas clay The Arkansas clay is rocky and hard With weeds grown over in the old graveyard And the day settles down to an evening hush Over the blackberry blossom and the blackberry bush

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