Black Wings Of Hate Lyrics

Van Canto

Break The Silence

Lyrics to Black Wings Of Hate
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Standing at the abyss another path's ending down here.
Still I bear the storm inside blurring my eyes.
Banishing the farewell-cut, deep in my heart with the fear
of another black cruel decision of life.

Now I feel the pain of the ripping wound that never heals.
Gimme water, I throw the needle away.
Do I have to pay this price that my old absess reveals?
Take the time to have a rethink bout my days

You are afraid, it is too late.
There is no time to win your life.
And what remains flows in your veins.
Come closer yeah - I am the fight.

I have been the one who was drowning in this lake of tears.
Now I have the last time to borrow advice.
Starring at the crossroad of life-history of my fears.
I'll be on my way when the flame becomes ice.

When the light is breaking through my disease
dark ones are gaining their heir.
Turning winds are hearing your silent scream.
My love and lack of despair.
And I will return from death and your emptiness.
Crowbars are crumbling the gate.
Cross the lines, another red shining vein
clipping my black wings of hate.
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