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Lyrics to Black Wedding Dress
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[Verse 1:]
I've been told to keep my cool, but lately
The cool has up and left me, the way I had
Myself, my pride is kind of defining, to find
Solace, find comfort in the simple things,
Find love and watch it turn into misery, with
Pretty blond hair and emotions in her eyes,
I watch her lips start to quiver, my mind is
Focused on her thighs, and I know she'll love
Me back with a little bit of luck, because I
Know that she's the one, I can feel it in my
Guts, I said before we go to sleep, she's blowing
Cigarette smoke, half naked in the window, we
Hear the birds start to chirp, we watch Sammy
Run in circles, steady bouncing off the walls,
You can see it come apart the way my world starts
To fall, as she moves from the window, she takes
My hand, we're in the bedroom, once the lights
Go out it's hard to sleep in my costume, she
Says she needs to be alone, shes not ready for my
Love, I ask her if she really loves me, she
Nods her head and say she does, so I gently
Stroke her hair and kiss her twice on the shoulder,
Before I fake sleep, I let her know I still love
Her, my heart starts to shake, and now I'm
Feeling a little queasy, I'm embarrassed of
Myself, nobody said it would be easy... [x3]

[Verse 2:]
So a couple of months pass, and now I'm looking
For a wedding ring, head over heals, I have to tell
Her shes my everything, I should probably let it
Go, and let the past be the past, but I need her
In my future, and I just got to win her back, we
Never really been apart sense the day we first met,
With honesty in my heart, I can say she took my
Breath, with fear in my chest and delusion in my
Steps, I just have to make her mine in that black
Wedding dress...

I'll give you all I've got, til I've got nothing
Left, please Bella be mine, wear that black wedding
Dress... [x4]

[Verse 3:]
I can see that shes asleep, as I walk out of the
Bedroom, it's time for a stretch, and give myself
A little elbow room, if only I could sleep, I
Make the dreams clear my head, I do a lap in the
Kitchen, as I return to the bed, as I crawl back
In, I do my best not to wake her, I place my hand
On her hip, and kiss the check of my savior, she's
All I ever wanted and I can see that she's awake,
So I smile for a moment and brush the hair from her
Face, she says that she loves me, but there's tears
In her eyes, she moves her body towards me and puts
Her legs between mine, even though I feel comfort,
I'd like to say it's all peachy, but I'd be lying
To myself, nobody said it would be easy... [x3]
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