Lyrics to Black Sour
Black Sour Video:

(Verse 1 Vic Spencer)
I body beats and go to jail
Write some bars in a cell
Record upon my release
In a fucking wishing well
Bet you hear the echo then
If not
You are estrogen
A physical specimen
Checking into regiment
How long can I tread water
Peddling inifity
Fucked a few bad hoes that went to holy trinity
Fucked em some more when they graduated kennedy
King of the city colleges
Teaching chemisty
The mission is to stop these niggas from reppin the GO wrong
I am out of this world, into the ozone
Hotter than volcano
Grab ammo
Jerk it like porno
Tear up clavicles and torsos
Skeet on your baby momma polo
Thats real horse power
In rush hour I get shit crackin like sunflower
Seeds best believe that the flow clam chowder
Dumped on the new eddie bauer left to sour

Hook (Michael Anthony)
I keep my head on the future
I manifest in the form of a cloud rain down exhale and fill up the room
Black Sour x3

(Verse 2 Kami de Chukwu)

They say its vicious how he flip six bitches
To mix mixtures
And cook dinners
While he proceed to spit venom
With flows strong enough to constrict boas
Snakes in the grass
Stay low if you dont know em
Stay close
That be word to my family
Save money mission that be that till my last day
A band of brothers start assembling an army
Feeling sorry for them pockets cuz we savin all that money
Change it up
Change it up
It be the legion of doom
With a couple plots cooked some rocks from the moon
Had em fiendin out till he started servin em tunes
In a world of cartoons he stay bumpin that doom
Its fantastic
How he brewed magic
Sad faces too tragic
When the sound base static
To the sound wave addicts
So he took a crack at it
Dabbled in the dark forces
Salem level black magic

(Verse 3 Vic Mensa)

Black Sour
Black Power
Reading Huey Newton thinking the world is ours
That define us
Time us by the hour
Mama why they tryna confine us
They throw us in with piranhas
They want me gone and I know it
Im manifesting a blessing just to get high when im lowest
Whats ya life like
Is it bright lights
And screams for the night life
Is it wonders and mysteries?
Is there anybody here I need somebody to believe in
Im lost in how it looks but I know looks can be deceiving
I keep hearing people comments on what I should have been achieving
Congratulations on your failures and your fuck ups and your tweaking
Thought you would have made it big
Now you the biggest disappointment
Could have made it for us all but all you did was just avoid it
Why you running boy
Running from the same thing that you running for
Smoked a hundred blunts and smoke a hundred (BLACKSOUR)more
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