Lyrics to Black Moon
Black Moon Video:
Sweet lady you can read my mind
That's poisoning my shameless smile
Let me take you to a place where you'll be free

Follow me to the forest
Meet the wolf of your fear and darkness
Give your soul and freedom to the lord
The curse of the Black Moon will haunt you
The WolfKing has entered the blood storm
Let the fire burn your innocence

As the night fell down
The haze ran on the ground
Your sacrifice is the key to our fate

We'll save you from your pain
1000 wolves will howl the night again
Like poison living inside your veins
We'll bury your life like ashes
Your past life shall burn through witches
You're the restless slave of your misery

As the moon climbs up the sky
As the stars shine through the night
As you taste the embrace of a new born child
Let me live inside you
Let me feel you

This night is eternal
So are the flames that burn into your eyes
Set your demons free and watch yourself die
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