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Lyrics to Black Light Machine
Black Light Machine Video:
I'm just a stranger
I walk in the black light
Boy to a soldier
I'm fighting the good fight
And I wait
I wanna go, don't wanna know
'bout the danger
I'm just a farm boy
Just doin' what I can
When I'll be a killer
It'll make me a real man
I can't wait
I'm gonna know, I wanna go
Through the changes
And I can't breathe
Or is it all in my mind?
The faces are changing
Misplaced in time
And I won't dream
I will be the headlines
Your features are fading
Too late this time
And you know
You'd always be the first in line
And you know
It's all about the life divine
A hero's ending
All the signs
You're the one
And the one you must survive
And you know
It doesn't matter what you do
And you know
The luck you wear will pull you through
The never ending
Light you find
For the one
The one will survive
And you know...
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