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Lyrics to Black In Black Out
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Colour black is what you oughta see Black and nothing else to be The colour might cry out your name For you won?t be alone no more I send a tiny pet of stone Widow, don?t you know your daughter? That day, you let your husband die He knew you are not able to cry, no Don?t you like the dress in black ?Cmon now burry memory where you can dressed in black, I know you can oh widow, don?t you know your daughter low and low, I know, all that you tought slips away forever chorus: in my garden, bloom, don?t you have no fear paradise, many colours, many colours here I might come back, now to see my flowers grow Garden feeds, but it?s not real I am for sure no tiny pet I want to be the one who let?s you Know you won?t be blessed no more No one can be more truly I stay by you for you?re not blue Be there to teach your guide

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