Lyrics to Black Crow
Black Crow Video:
If you can do anything with this
Well, if not, I don't blame you
I'm all over the pavement, and here is the remainder
Black crow
Yellow sky
Red-eyed raven on a telegraph line
Your rabbit's foot got left behind, and here is the remainder

I'm breaking down
I thank God there's no one around to see me when I get like this
Don't tell a soul about my predicament

Yes, I've got no credentials
Falsified my reports
Altered my appearance on the passport
Your honor, this leg is hard to stand on
It's been giving me nothing but grief
And yes, I dwell in this wreckage, but the rent is cheap

Earth and sky will soon wear out
Your words will not decay
You come with glorious shout, and the tears are wiped away

Thought I killed the sin of pride
A hundred rounds I must have spent
Now everywhere I turn my eyes, I'm all over the pavement
Whispers from the furnace
Offers a disclaimer
Justifies every falsehood and hands you the remainder
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