Lyrics to Black Candy
Black Candy Video:
Drip my blood,
fall in love,
to my cu,
mess my head,
crush my heart,
molten led,
read my palm,
give me some,

Black Candy x2

Spinning straw,
into gold,
as she strikes,
every soul,
Joan of Ark,
upon hay,
fallen chain you'll break,

Black Candy x4

Jack hammer,
can't stand her,
can't live unless I have her,
sin, drippin down my chin.

Black Candy x6

Burn baby, burn baby, burn baby, burn, baby burn, baby burn, baby burn, baby burn.

Black Candy x4

Suck my blood,
join the club,
breackfast dud,
cross my heart,
hope to care,
pull my hair,
take me there, (take me there!)

Black Candy x7
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