Lyrics to Black Bull
I got to rip up the road
Two nights in a row
Oh, we gon' put on a show
With the black bull in tow

I’m in that Holy Ghost zone
With a trunk full of gold
Don't look at me like that
Don't look at me like this

Can you remember my name?
I swear you’re all just the same
Oh tu parlais anglais?
Can o' Stella fish fillet?
In a foreshortened future
You're all drinking kombucha
But it really doesn't suit ya

We not playing around
I got a black bull in town

I call a wolf a wolf
This is for real ain't no spoof
I'm breaking bones on the roof
Who me? I'm not aloof
For sooth for shame
I done conquered where I came
And I'm a world away
Cause I’m a man of today

We not playing around
The black bull’s in town
He not playing around
The black bull's in town