Lyrics to Black August
Black August Video:
Open the door to Satan
and now I'm feeling his knife on me,
on my skin.
He bought me roses,
like a gentleman he causes me a fire.
Euphoria calls my star.
Suddenly my skies are lost
a strong thunder's going across
every boundary with lies.
Someone took and kicked me out,
my nerves like sketches of light.
Close your rays to me.
I feel my own gloom
just on your mouth, into your heart
close my eyes.
But you locked up your white gate.
Satan was in front of my face
no flames around him
while his charm pushed me down.
Stratch my heart to the ground,
drive me to your desire.
I'm like an angel without chains,
killer of straight delight.
In my bright house of despair
like a shadow I scream my rage.

(Thanks to Peter Larsen for these lyrics)
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