Black, the Colour of My Heart Lyrics


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Lyrics to Black, the Colour of My Heart
Black, the Colour of My Heart Video:
The heart it is a beast
We're not written equally
Where can we lay this blame?
Between the clouds of flames
Raise my hand up to the sun
Dazed and mortuary
Crimson drops upon the ground
Confusion all around
Diffusion all around

I know she loves me
Why do I always pull it all apart?
I know she gets me
Yeah, she's always got my back
I know she adores me
Mmm, she's everything I want
But black has always been the colour of my heart
The colour of my heart

Under a sun and moon
A beat to see without a shore
Hear the floorboards creak
While the angels gently weep
The chambers of the sun
will they judge me now?
The great eternity
Is all but mystery
All but mystery
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