Lyrics to Bitter Angel
Bitter Angel Video:
Searching for the perfect alibi
You weren't even there and so was I
Picking up the pieces of our love
A shot slipped through your glove
Why must you even try?

'Twas the year of 1910 and 2
I climbed the marble arch and gave my heart to you
But we dug our trenches in the sand
And nature took command
And her sabres ran us through

Oh my bitter angel, did you find the upper angle?
?? and watch it all come tumbling down
Are you beneath the rubble with a matchbook and a shovel
Trying hard to dig your way back out?

So blow another round, boys, heal my heart
But one day keeps you whole, the next day tears you apart
So let's add some caution to the wind
If it kills you in the end and you weren't dead from the start

Oh my bitter angel, did I leave you torn and tangled?
In the night, I took my things and walked right out
The bridges, they need burning just like tables do their turning
Oh some day I'll be the one climbing out
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