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Lyrics to Bitches Ain't Shit
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[Knightowl: Talking]
Yeah this mothfuckin song is going out
To all mothafuckas talking about
We gon get you Knightowl
We gon catch you slippin fool
Suck my dick mothafuckas
You ain't gonna do shit
I'll put a fuckin pistol in your mouth
And cock it back
And blow out your fuckin tosils

Back the fuck up
I'm straight fuckin sick
Invade your mothafuckin flesh
With a knight stick
I'll crack your dome
And let your spirt roam
With no fuckin home
Lost in the land of the unknown
I'm going nuts
And I don't give a fuck about your life
I got a knife to slice your throat
Throw you off the boat
That I'ma put you in before
I dump you in the ocean
Tie some rocks to your feet
So the sharks can eat
People talkin about they wanna get me
They wanna put me in a gerney
But that bull shit don't concern me
I'm always ready to go bust a cap
To take a mothafucka just like you
Right off the map
So who's the next little bitch
Come and try take me out
Come and let me show you
What a gangsta like me's all about
You best not ever play the game
I bring the pain, untouachable lyricist
That be sick up in the brain

People been tryin to get me
But they all run out luck
Fool I don't give a fuck
I'm sick in the mothafuckin mind
I represent the mothafuckin 619

If you don't want to be next fool
Then I suggest
You keep your mouth shut
Before I fuck you up
You heard abou the shit I do
The way I bring the panic
I'm evil as can be
Some say that I'm satanic
Demons couldn't keep my ass away
What makes you think that you have a chance
I'm trapped inside a cage with a fuckin gauge
I bring destruction thoughts full of conruption
Seduction to the bitches
Death to all the snitches
If you're the kind that likes to point the finger
The agony and the pain in your home
Will always linger
Death will always carry
You family get's burried
I got you all running
The Knightowl's fuckin gunnin
Better be ready best beware
Don't let me catch you slippin
You saw what happened to the other fool
When you were trippin
Diego be city that I'm rollin, controlin
Mess around it'll be your life that'll be stolen

[Chorus 2]
Bitches ain't shit but mothafuckin hoes
They like to suck dick
And get it rammed in thier clit
They all a bunch of mtohafuckin sluts
They like to lick and gobble on the nuts
You bunch of fuckin bitches
[Repeat 2]

[Knightowl: talking]
What up now you bunch of fuckin sluts
Ya'll ain't shit
You bunch of dirty scabby cunts
What up DImples
I heard you got pimples on that ass
You fuckin wort savy bitch
You smelly fuckin 2 face hoe
Bitch, slut lick the nut
Suck the nut, choke on the nut
You fuckin hoe bag
You oughta have a fuckin protag on that ass
And what about you Erica
I heard you got herpes bitch
Your shits all drippy
Saggy titty bitch
Your counts all fuckin loose
You smell, you stink
Damn bitch kill yourself
Do us all a favor
What about you Reggie
I oughta roll you down
The steepiest fuck hill in SAN DIEGO
You got know fuckin brakes
Mothafucka you'll crash
Smash your face
You fuckin little hipocrite bitch
You've always been 2 faced
Just like your moms your pops
And everybody in your whole family
You all bitches and snitches
And I got paper work to prove it
Ya'll mothafuckas took me to court
So did you fuckin Oscar
You fuckin snitched too
And you know who I'm talkin about
Yeah you mothafucka from the Aztec Tribe
Ya'll ain't shit you fuckin bitches
Don't let me catch you slippin fool
Cause it's gonna get very fuckin dark mothafucka
Knightowl not playin no fuckin games
I remian number one indeed on top of this game
To make mothafuckas like you bleed
This is just a little dis
Goin out to all you mothafuckas
That ain't shit, suck a dick
And to Jammin Z 90 the radio station
Fuck you, fuck the program director
Fuck everybody there, ya'll ain't shit
You mothafuckas give nobody love
But those that kiss your fuckin ass
And I'm about as real as they come
So I kiss no fuckin ass, so fuck you
And to all the other radio stations
That don't want to play my shit
Fuck you too
And if you play my shit
Then much love

[Knightowl: singin]
I don't give a fuck about nobody
All I wanna do is get drunk
And fuckin party
Smoke weed until your lungs bleed

I don't give a fuck about nobody
All I wanna do is get drunk
And fuckin party
Drink until you fuckin throw up

We fuckin CLOWNIN
God damn we some fuckin fools
In this mothafuckas
We some fuckin criminals
We some fuckin thugs
We like bustin slugs
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