Lyrics to Bitch Niggaz
Bitch Niggaz Video:
Rest in peace to pimp c
Rest in peace huey
Yea, fake niggaz out here
Too many fake niggaz out here

Too many bitch niggaz alive
Too many hoes ass niggaz alive
Real niggaz dead or doing time
Real niggaz dead or doing timeee

I'm in the atmosphere, here in the lear
Respect violence, instill fear
I spray 3 nigga, out the black rueg
I'm a gangsta a.m.d all the tatoos
Niggaz hate me, they hate secretly
They hate frequently, they ain't shit too me
The rap game full of real nigga copies
Record stores closing cause they ain't selling copies
I ain't george clooney, but I make a movie
The force ruin me, you a male groupie
My face a jewel, you in fake jewels
My eyes a diamond tester, I could spot cubes
I could spot mosies, my spot cosy
I'm on the yaught homie ya wife wanna drop from me
Cause she's my biggest fan
New 750 big grill big fan

[Chorus x2]
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