Birthright Of The Saturnine Lyrics

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Lyrics to Birthright Of The Saturnine
Daylight shines upon me, My birthright draws near
Scour the land in search of the night, Where my heart still bleeds
Far away from life's vicious lies, A burden of truth upon my soul
Darkness calls and I answer proud, This is the hell I call home

Born into a vile world, The ghost of my past haunts me
Given the chance of every man, I find my sinister eyes alive
I see you for what you are, A shadow in the form of God
Your pathetic face makes me laugh, It's my birthright to watch you bleed

I am the enemy, Blood runs cold
Within the saturnine, The truth unfolds

No day goes by I don't regret, Letting you draw another breath
Cold grip around my heart, Knowing what you did with life
A mask to cover the face of shame, The essence of my aura dims
Escaping the truth that sets me free, In cold blood I take what's right

Run and hide from mortal man, The power is mine to wield
I was born with the gift of death, And I will pour my wrath upon you
No man nor God can stop it, Icy blood runs through my veins
Born to breed this hellish child, And the demons swell with pride