Lyrics to Birthdays
Birthdays Video:
Spent the morning cleaning my room
In the hope you'd ask to see it soon

Let's pretend it's our birthdays
Separated by a couple of years, and I'll
Meet you on the corner of the water
And the Elizabeth Street pier

Wanna be alone
Wanna be surrounded
Wanna be transient
Wanna be grounded
But all the dissonance disappears from me
When you drape an arm across my knee
Intentionally lazily and

You'll be the one looking confused
And I'll be the one looking for you

We are more than future housewives
More than the sum of our past lives
Two lovers in basically matching shirts
Jaywalk together across petrified earth
And if there's more to life
Let me forget all about it tonight
All I want occupying my mind
Is "what is the highest thing we can climb before sunrise?"

And you'll be the one in uncomfortable shoes
And I'll be the one who's probably too drunk
But still offers to carry you
And I'll be the one

You'll be the one

And we'll laugh at it for being so obvious
But in our hearts, we'll take it so serious
To the outside world
Stay oblivious to all of our friends
Our actions will be hideous
And I'll be intense
And I'll be too much
And I'll get too high
And I'll get too drunk
But in between episodes
I will love you more than anyone you have ever known

I don't mean to put the pressure on
But you're gonna like my dad
I know you'll love my mum and
I don't mean to put the pressure on
I got a few names for a daughter
Can't think of one for a son
I don't mean to put the pressure on
I don't mean to put the pressure on
I'd do anything
(I don't mean to put the pressure on)
I'm here to see this through
Anyway, hey, my name's Wil
Ah, it's nice to meet you
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