Lyrics to Birthday Suit
Birthday Suit Video:
Mr.kool must die ya'll, let's erase everything! (4x)

[Verse 1:]
Smile little whores, let's not tease me, I live my life from anxiety, I
Give my words so I love life, I fold my hands, let's pray, good night, I've
Got 5 albums that nobody wants, I keep my money inside my socks, I keep my
Grins, mouth full of teeth, I love my sins, they give me creeps. and I
Don't know, I lost my head, [x2] and this is why we live to die, and I
Don't know, I lost my head, [x2] he swallows tongues just to speak, nuff
Said, and I don't know, I lost my head, sleepless night untangle fibs, my
Birthday suit, might eat my ribs, I close my eyes and burn night lights, I
Play confused, a soulless fright, she tortures me, I love her back, I eat
My words before we snap,
Now I'm uneasy inside my skin, an empty bite, heart made of tin, she corners
Me, I trace my guns, we fall asleep, nowhere to run, now I'm a link for
Empty hugs.


[Verse 2:]
Now god told me to save the whales, place foot in mouth, can't save myself,
He threatens me, I guess I'm happy, can't find my smiles, breath life in
Family, now I'm so plastic, man I'm hungry, my loss of eyes has left me
Cozy, now he tells me find life for purpose, other than lost, I'm just so
Worthless, my costume lies, I'm draped in ink, can't see my thoughts, or
Love to speak, I've lost all hope, please find my grins, my skin feels
Cold need oxygen, just a few more lines, don't call me lazy, I touch
Myself and never think to thank me, people hate me, but, I'm told I'm
Cute, I'm going to sit right here in my birthday suit.

Let's go to buffet. yeah!
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