Birmingham Daddy Lyrics

Gene Autry

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Lyrics to Birmingham Daddy
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Yonder comes a train, a Frisco train Comin' down the railroad track I'm a-goin' away, a-leavin' today It ain't gonna bring me back I'm a-leavin' you, good mama An' I ain't never comin' back (yodelahee) I'm a-leavin' town, my baby turned me down Goin' back to New Orleans I'm lookin' for a gal, a brand new gal I ain't never seen I'm a-lookin' for me a mama Lord, I ain't never seen (yodelahee) If love was liquor, and I could drink I'd be drunk all the time I'd go back to town, in Birmingham With a loving mama go mine I'd go back to Birmingham With a loving gal go mine (yodelahee) If you got a good gal, a good ol' gal You sure better keep her at home Casuse a red-headed mama, Yes, Sir, boy I can't leave her alone Yes, a red-headed mama I sure can't leave her alone (yodelahee)

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