Lyrics to Birkin
Ayo, Burberry rain shoes for a rainy day
Hangin' out the Bentley coupe with the throwaway
A horse ain’t the same
Headshots so all you see is brains
The whole hood know my name
Put my first gat in the hall of fame

I do you filthy for the bag
I do you filthy for the bag
Do you filthy for the bag
Do you filthy for the bag
Do you filthy for the bag
A little nigga do you filthy for the bag

You ever seen brains before? (Ever seen brains before)
You're sellin' ’caine raw (Sellin' 'caine raw)
A hundred bricks in the wall (Hundred bricks in the wall)
We the flyest of them all (We the flyest of them all)

I'm, I'm wondering if I can get a man in
If I can get a man in with, uh
A little, a little lower profile
Ladies and gentlemen, certainly a man who needs no introduction
Anywhere, of course, ha, in the greater New York area and certainly around the country watching at this point in time
Uh, we saw you earlier, Andy Warhol, your impressions of what took place earlier on here
Uh, I'm speechless
Well, you've gotta be, I mean, so many
I mean, I saw jaws drop to the, to the floor
Uh, it's just so exciting, I just don’t know what to say
Have you, have you ever seen such total bedlam and pandemonium in your entire life?
Your impressions of the rock and wrestling connection? Don’t, don't you think that they got together tonight here and band together, and stood on firm ground?
It’s the best that I've ever seen in my whole life, most exciting thing
Well, I tell you what, I thank you very much
Uh, Andy Warhol, I thank, I thank you very much for joining us
Good luck, and one of the greatest wrestling fans, always a pleasure seeing you here at Madison Square Garden
Thanks a lot
Good luck to you, I thank you