Birdcall Morning Lyrics

Joe Walsh

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Lyrics to Birdcall Morning
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Early birdcall morningIn a milkweed cloudy skySets me free, without a warningWonder whyAnd if my eyes aren't openAnd if I'm too blind to seeWould you show me birdcall morningSet me freeAnd if you don't want toI do, you know I doSing the song, sing alongIt don't matter if you know the tuneThat's the way it goesI don't know, she makes me think I doComin' in, she comes againShe breaks ice, but she don't fall throughTo the birdcall morningAnd then the storm is upon meAnd my ship is blown to seaWould you show me birdcall morning?Set me free, set me free

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