Lyrics to Biomusicology
Biomusicology Video:
Have you never
come across
the vastness of pavement,
the banish of winds and
the grayness of the sea?
Never lost
or never been misguided,
we'd have never seen so shining.
I've come from out
of a handsome in Camden,
to a bum in the basement
while all the while it rained.
I'll come around
to the friendliest of faces,
handsome as stand ugly places.
Come from out
of the tunnels we've diggen,
and say the tunnley's not livin
and working does the work.
Come and find
the love in his labor.
Labor's life our lives forever.
Come and see
the keepings not given.
You've got what you've given,
you get what you deserve.
In the midst
of all of the action
maybe only their thoughts are on his fraction.
Chasing sea foam dreams around another dirty old town. Parallel runs streams crawl through gray ocean from the green ground.
Burden leer does smear beneath the leafy glassy surface. All the songs you hear down there they have a purpose.
All in all,
we cannot stop singing.
We cannot start singing.
We'll swivle to the end.
They may kill
and we may be pardoned.
We will never be broken-hearted.
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