Lyrics to Binge
Binge Video:
A while back, my friends used to tell me how great I looked, and why didn't I have a big beer gut like them. Cuz I used to drink as much or more of anything I wanted to. But little did they know, when I got home I threw up. That's right, I threw up. So one night I got up enough courage and went to a drinking disorders program, and this is what happened that night at the program;

But I didn't know they'd shock the shit out of me!
Plug me in, arc my brain, make me never drink again.
Cost me a hundred bucks, now I got no sense.
Can't get a job, gotta live in a tent.
Walk'in 'round this town, people spit on me.
Electricity on my head, now I barely see.
I got dirty clothes on, closet in a box.
Women's shoes on my feet, but there ain't no socks.
Don't know what my name is, seems it used to be Luke.
Sleeping in the gutter,drowning in my puke.
Binge and purge, binge and purge,
here it comes I feel a surge!
Binge ... Purge ... Binge ... Purge ... Binge ... Purge ... Binge... Purge ... Binge ... Purge ... Binge.Binge ... Purge ... Binge ... Purge ... Binge ... Purge ... Binge... Purge ... Binge ... Purge ... Binge
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