Biggest Adventure Lyrics

Alev Lenz

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Lyrics to Biggest Adventure
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I wanna ride with you on dolphin backs
And listen to the stories the wind tells
Hear the horses run, drive on endless roads
Let the sun comb our hair and feel safe
Under the blanket of the darkest night
And chase the sunrise

Stand in front of the deepest abyss
And still do not be afraid
Share freedom with heaven
Be wakened up by the moon to go
Traveling with the stars
Grow with the highest mountain
Have races with the birds
Hear the river laugh, play with clouds
And dive into the clear blue sky
Wash our faces with soft warm rain
Taste the sweetness of the air
Catch up with the stream
Sleep on a light summer breeze
Stray on water and count the waves
Fill the silence with our thoughts
Kiss the earth and hug the summits
And dance with the trees

My biggest adventure is you
I'm doing everything I ever wanted to do
Needing less than others do
And still having everything
'Cause I am here with you

Live our dream
Love everything surrounding us
Our biggest adventure
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