Lyrics to Big Stuff
Big Stuff Video:
Sooner or later, the big stuff comes around...

Well my serotonin levels, they were running low that day

And my self-medication, well, it was getting in the way

Oh, I tried to make excuses, yeah I tried to get away

But one day you are gonna have to pay


Because sooner or later, the big stuff comes around

Oh yeah, sooner or later, all the big stuff comes to town.

Well you can call it information, you can call it experience

Oh, but suddenly the way you're living, well it don't make any sense

Oh yeah the magic hour is over, now it's time to pay the rent

Oh everything you ever had you spent



And yeah, it's a long way down, when the big stuff comes to town

Well the things that used to bounce off you now hurt you deep inside

And you used to think you had the world by the balls, now it's taken you for a ride

There ain't no way to work it out, there ain't nowhere to hide

You could not escape this if you tired

(Chorus x2)

Reprise: Chorus x3
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