Big Jimmy And Felicidad Lyrics

Graeme Connors

60 Summers

Lyrics to Big Jimmy And Felicidad
Big Jimmy And Felicidad Video:
Left my home, in a hail of blows
And I went, as far as I could go
And in my ears, daddy's words sting ring
'If you walk out now, don't come back again'
One day momma, and the younger ones
Might forgive me, for what I've done
Another year goes by, another season turns
And still this feeling, inside me burns
But I keep moving, from town to town
Coz these ramblin' shoes, don't like slowin' down
I got nobody, I got no place to be
I might be lonesome, but I'm free
I see storm cloud, across the plains
With the window down, I can smell the rain
And those wheat fields, wavin' in the sun
Sing back home, where there's work to be done
'One door closes, the next one opens'
At least that's what they say
And I keep hopin', I'm gonna find that door someday
I might be lonesome, but I'm free
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